What is Factoring ?

Factoring is a way for businesses to get extra liquidity in the form of funding by selling their invoices to a third-party at a discount. Factoring is also known as Invoice Factoring or Debt Factoring. In other terms factoring is an understanding between the factor and the client, in which the factor purchases the client’s account receivables and pay 80%-90% of the sum immediately, at the time of entering into the agreement. The factor pays the balance sum, i.e. 10%-20% of the amount which includes finance cost and operating cost, to the client when the customer clears the debt.

How to apply ?

It’s very easy to do. You may fill the Application Form on the website, send us email or call us.

Is there any upfront fee ?

No, there is no upfront fee.

How long does it take after application ?

We generally respond by 24 hours (excluding holidays), after you apply.

How much advance can be availed against invoice(s) ?

We are committed to provide you with maximum liquidity. Hence 90% of the invoice(s) value can be taken as advance.

Clients' Testimonials

Our Clients
Mahant Transportation

“The foremost reason of collaborating with Financico was that I knew the company and the people behind it. Couldn’t trust anyone better when it comes to financing. However, after the phenomenal experience of factoring here, I have more reasons to continue, and take my business to a new highway."

Our Clients

"We had never availed factoring services before, we had our share of apprehensions, but they all seemed to be unreasonable ever since we collaborated with Financico. Now we have more liquidity which ensures faster growth."


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